How to evaluate the agronomic value of a recycling-derived fertiliser?

With the ReNu2Farm project we aim to increase the use of recycling-derived fertilisers such as composts, mineral concentrates, ashes and struvite. For farmers, the agronomic value of a fertiliser is crucial. Agronomic value comprises several aspects: nutrient value (How plant available are the nutrients contained in the novel fertilisers?), lime value as well as the organic matter value. Also, farmers need to be sure that the fertiliser product is safe and does not contain pollutants such as heavy metals or pathogens.

Within the ReNu2Farm project, numerous trials have been carried out to derive reliable information on these above-mentioned agronomic aspects of recycling-derived fertilisers. Protocols have been developed for all these trials. To facilitate future research and practical consulting of farmers on the fertilising value of these novel products, the ReNu2Farm consortium decided to publish all their protocols so that they can serve as a reference in the future. The protocols will be made publicly available soon and a link can then be found on this website.

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