Fertiliser Manual for farmers in preparation

With the ReNu2Farm project we aim to make recycling-derived fertilisers and their use more known among farmers. This also implies developing pratical guidelines and recommendations for farmers on how to use these novel fertilisers. Therefore, a handbook of good fertilization practice with recycling-derived fertilisers (RDFs) is currently under development in collaboration of the project partners Arvalis (FR), Inagro (BE) and NMI (NL).

This practical guide will summarize data on the composition of the recycling-derived fertilisers based on own Renu2Farm product characterization data but also literature values. Products included reach from organic fertilisers such as digestate and animal manure and bio-waste compost to mineral fertilisers such as ammonium sulphate as well as ash and struvite. The handbook is guided by the 4R principles: Right source (which fertiliser for which crop), Right rate (right dosage matching crop need), Right time (when the crop needs it), Right place (what application technique). Respecting the advices of the handbook will help farmers to apply recycling-derived fertilisers in an efficient way with the least emissions.

The handbook will also make use of field trial results of the ReNu2Farm project where a lot of different recycling-derived fertilisers have been tested under field conditions with different crops and soil types, in four different countries. This will give an indication on the nutrient efficiency. The handbook is planned to be released towards the end of the project.

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