Despite the COVID-19 crisis, the two field trials set up in France are still ongoing

Arvalis’ research team has managed to deal with the restrictive sanitary situation to pursue the two field experiments initiated in 2019.


Two trials on spring barley

One trial next to Châlons-en-Champagne and the other one close to Boigneville set up on spring barley aim to assess agronomic value of new RDFs products and environmental impacts.

In particular, the objective is to evaluate the effects of RDFs such as compost made from pig and poultry manure, ashes and solid fraction of digestate, regarding phosphorus nutrition and the evolution of nutrient concentration in the soil. Samples are also collected to measure trace elements contents after harvest and to evaluate the potential effects on nematodes.

Early results (that need to be consolidated with this year of data analysis) seem to show that some types of RDFs can bring similar or better levels of assimilable phosphorus than mineral fertilizers.


Some images of the spring barley trial of ReNu2Farm - Châlons

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