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Project Summary

Strong partnerships to connect urban demand & rural supply

NWE is one of the EU’s highest energy consuming regions. The share of renewable energy in the region’s production and consumption mix is low and there is a strong dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

RegEnergy aims to break up existing structures for increasing the use of renewable energy in NWE regions. Creating renewable energy demand–supply partnerships between urbanised and surrounding rural territories will lead to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 9 projectpartners from 7 NWE countries, representing metropolitan regions, cities, rural communities, regional agencies, scientific institutions and renewable energy producers will develop strategies and models to illustrate how such partnerships can be built. In three strategic areas the missing regional links between demand and supply from renewables will be addressed: The institutional and administrative framework conditions (e.g. cooperation agreements) as well as the main infrastructure (e.g. biogas pipelines) that such partnerships require are as central as the question of required technologies (e.g. smart grids, storage capacities).

Pilot partnerships across Northwest-Europe will invest in

  • Institutional arrangements for regional prosumers
  • lacking renewable infrastructure
  • regional supply-demand chains
  • coping with limited grid capacity and intermittent RE supply
  • balancing regional supply and demand profiles

To sustain and widely spread the results RegEnergy partners will present best-practice and showcases to cooperating regions and will actively help them to develop appropriate RE demand-supply partnerships in their region.

RegEnergy Newsletter May 2022

RegEnergy Newsletter May 2022

Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Address Email Website
Climate Alliance of European Cities with Indigenous Rainforest Peoples (registered association) 28 Galvanistraße
Frankfurt am Main
Name Contact Name Email Country
Brest métropolis Sylvie Mingant France
Flux50 Frederik Loeckx Belgium
Plymouth City Council Alistair Macpherson United Kingdom
Waterstromen Etten BV Martine Klaver Netherlands
3 Counties Energy Agency Paddy Phelan Ireland
Planair Laure Deschaintre Switzerland
Waterford Institute of Technology Sean Lyons Ireland
Ormonde Upgrading Limited Tom Nolan Ireland

Be inspired by the diversity in RegEnergy!

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What does RegEnergy mean to those involved?

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RegEnergy Talks October 2021


In this second episode of the RegEnery Talks, come to hear and discover the experience and solutions tested in technological energy parks based in Swiss and Ireland to give a better access to renewable energy for local communities.
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RegEnergy Talks June 2020


In the first episode of RegEnergy Talks you will gain insights into the challenges and opportunities of local energy communities and hear about institutional partnerships with backcountry communities and the cooperational work within these regions.
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RegEnergy Results Brochure -

A Guide to Establishing Renewable Energy Partnerships

Here you will find detailed information on partnerships for renewable energies - from the idea to realisation.


Download brochure here.



RegEnergy Tender Workshop

, Online

3cea hosted a RegEnergy Tender Workshop at 10 am on Wednesday, June 23rd. As part of the RegEnergy project, there is a need for a biogas boiler installation in Kilkenny and Wexford. This tender is going to be run through 3cea’s Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).
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, Internal online seminar

The session presented the Climate Protection Planner, a widespread municipal CO2 monitoring tool in Germany which measures the reduction of CO2 / greenhouse gas emissions on a yearly basis according to a standardized approach for municipalities. Focus was placed on the planned application which should make regional expansion potentials for renewable energies transparent.
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EU Regions Week Workshop

, Online event

A greener Europe will require local and regional authorities to increase the share of renewable energy in their production and consumption mixes. This workshop explored how regions and cities can join forces with rural communities to create renewable energy partnerships. Such partnerships help cities meet their demand for renewable energy from reliable regional supplies while strengthening the economic resilience of rural communities.
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