RED WoLF Brochure for Dwellers

The RED WoLF brochure for dwellers is now ready! It is aimed at people living in homes fitted with the RED WoLF Hybrid Storage Solution in Republic of Ireland, England and France.

We strongly recommend the brochure to anybody interested in low carbon and sustainable living. Also,  check out all other sections, news and events on this website!

The RED WoLF Intelligent system maximizes photovoltaic self-consumption and optimizes the time intervals during which electricity is taken from the Grid. The optimization of these time intervals is aimed at minimizing electricity bills while keeping CO2 emissions as low as possible by capturing the highest possible fraction of green energy on the Grid (for example, when strong winds keep turbines spinning). These results are physically achieved by a combination of battery and thermal storage in the RED WoLF house. The living experience of the dweller is unaffected, i.e. the system will make its "own" computations and store energy while the users can chose their own space heating schedule, take a shower or running appliances as normal. Without the need of programming or calculating anything.

The RED WoLF brochure has a tri-fold layout. The full version can be downloaded by clicking on the following links:

The first part (front and back flaps) 

The second part (inside flaps) 


Thanks to Matt Owen, a Leeds Beckett student, for designing this brochure!

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