Progress on technical implementation: Storage heaters analyzed at University of Lorraine

On Friday, March 6th 2020, Project Partner University of Lorraine held a meeting in Nancy.

There, they received a couple of storage heaters from LANCEY, which is the French startup that provides the French Pilot in Montbéliard owned by Neolia and managed in cooperation with EDF with heaters to be used in the individual houses.

The goal of the meeting was to receive, install and test the storage heaters, particularly from a communication viewpoint. This included among other aspects whether it is possible to collect heater and battery-related data such as battery level, temperature, motion sensors, etc.



On the right:
Research fellows from the University of Lorraine next to LANCEY storage heaters.

At the bottom left:
LANCEY storage heater.

At the bottom right:
Research fellows analyzing data.

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