Progress in Pilot Sites

On day one, October 23 2019, Leeds Beckett University had a strategic meetings with RED WoLF Project Partners from the University of Loraine and VOLTA Technologies. The attendants agreed on technical equipment and wiring details needed for the tendering and installation process in Wakefiled and District Housing Pilot side in Wakefield. In addition to that the discussion regarding implementation of the RED WoLF algorithm was held, on which all the logics of the algorithm was confirmed by all parties present.

On the second day of meeting, October 24 2019, the attendants visited the Wakefiled and District Housing Pilot side in Wakefield with two First Choice Home Oldham representatives which have joined as observers in view of the setting up FCHO pilot in Oldham, which will follow similar process.

The pilots flats were carefully inspected by the group and the electrical engineering consultant who will be responsible for the installation. Afterwards, a fruitful meeting with the WDH took place at the local office. Upon this meeting possible technical questions were raised. That allowed the attendants to finalise the proposed technical specifications for the pilot sides of RED WoLF being able to function in full capacity as well as create the ability to tender the required equipment for WDH.

The meeting has become the first step towards technical realisation of the project.

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