Oldham Housing Strategy: The "Oldham Code" as Key for a Higher Standard of Energy Efficiency and Carbon Performance for New Homes

Oldham’s Housing Strategy was approved by full council in July 2019.  The Strategy and underpinning delivery plan mark a significant change how the Council, partners and residents think about, organise for and take decisions and action on housing over the coming years.

A key aim of the strategy is to provide support to improve people’s lives by improving the condition of homes and making them affordable to heat. This links directly into the Council’s Climate Change Strategy to reduce carbon emissions from domestic homes.    

Oldham has an ambition to develop an ‘Oldham Code’ for new build homes, to achieve a higher standard of energy efficiency and carbon performance, particularly where these new homes are built on Council-owned land.  

RED WoLF is an integral part of the pilot work we do to provide the Oldham Code and will inform our approach to development viability and will also help work across Greater Manchester to meet the Greater Manchester zero-carbon targets (Greater Manchester plans to be carbon neutral by 2038).


UK Government launched a consultation on a new Future Homes Standard (FHS)

At the beginning of October 2019, the UK Government launched a consultation on a new Future Homes Standard (FHS) that will be introduced in 2025 to create “world-leading energy efficiency standards”. Interim regulations for the Future Homes Standard will be introduced from 2020. The consultation will shape building regulations that will come into by the end of 2020.

The Government has proposed that every new home should “typically have triple glazing and standards for walls, floors and roofs that significantly limit any heat loss”. Additional carbon-saving methods could also be delivered through heat pumps, heat networks and direct electric heating.

The RED WoLF project will be able to feed directly into the development of the Future Homes Standard, and help developers to meet the new obligations.

The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, the plan for the development of the city region up to 2035, also includes a requirement for all new buildings to be ‘carbon neutral’ by 2028.

Full FHS article here: https://www.edie.net/news/11/Future-Homes-Standard-consultation-emissions/

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