Ireland's New Climate Bill

The new Irish Climate Change Bill sets a target to de-carbonise the economy by 2050.

Details of the news is found here.

Here is an excerpt:

"Today's Bill proposes some very significant changes to the existing Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015.

The most significant amendment is that whereas the 2015 Act committed to the transition to a low carbon economy and society, the new Climate Bill incorporates a legally binding commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, introduces carbon budgeting for the first time and substantially strengthens the climate governance framework.

Climate neutrality means a sustainable economy where greenhouse gas emissions will have to be balanced or exceeded by the removal of greenhouse gases through new forestry and other avenues such as carbon capture and storage methods that have yet to be developed."


"The commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050 will require Ireland's greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced by an average of 7% per annum."


And here comes RED WoLF, which provides a strategy to reduce CO2 emissions from residentials by means of increasing green and intermittent electricity use, without relying on expensive infrastructure (like the one required by carbon capture and sequestration) and, actually, reducing the investments on the electricity Grid thanks to peak load reduction.

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