Key progresses in RED WoLF Pilots

The Pilot on the Neolia site in Montbeliard (France, 14 town houses) has already received the installation of 90 storage heaters from the French startup Lancey. These Storage heaters differ from the ones to be installed in the other RED WoLF Pilots: they store energy in a battery embedded in each heater, rather than using a thermal mass (usually, a dense solid material like magnetite, to maximize energy stored per unit volume). The Neolia houses, where EDF/ENR and ENEDIS are working, also received PV arrays. The electrical system is already working, storing low carbon electricity and reducing CO2. The system is currently functioning following the built-in logic of the Lancey heaters; the RED WoLF logic, controls and algorithm are being finalized now and will require a few weeks to be completed and tested.


The two Pilots in Oldham, UK (10 apartments on the site of First Choice Homes Oldham and 19, 5-bedrooms houses belonging to the Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council's RED WoLF Pilot) are also making great progress. These Pilots truly embody the RED WoLF concept, as they combine battery storage for lighting and appliances with thermal storage for space heating and domestic hot water. The 10 FCH houses, brand new, already received the equipment, from batteries to PV, storage heaters and DHW cylinders (the latter not funded by RED WoLF, although integrated in the Projects' control logic) and are now going through the installation of the controllers that will implement the RED WoLF carbon reduction logic. They are still not inhabited; they will be occupied (the waiting list is long, as customary for social housing) as soon the preparation work will be completed. The 19 OMBC houses are also new; they are receiving the RED WoLF equipment in November and December 2020, contextually to the houses' electric system. RED WoLF was an opportunity for the Oldahm Council to switch these houses from the planned gas heating system to the full RED WoLF low carbon system.

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