Electrification Europe Conference in Paris

RED WoLF was present with Giuseppe at the Electrification Europe conference in Paris (October 16-17, https://www.electrificationeurope.com) and at the subsequent "Sixth Annual Expert Workshop: Challenges in Electricity Decarbonisation" organized in Paris by both EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute, epri.com) and the International Energy Agency (IEA, https://www.iea.org/workshops/sixth-annual-expert-workshop-challenges-in-electricity-decarbonisation.html). Both events proved very relevant for RED WoLF, introduced to many relevant stakeholders during networking sessions.

The Electrification Europe event featured several sessions consisting in discussions and talks, plus a large display area, named the Startup village: https://twitter.com/REDWoLF_project/status/1184778177270439936 RED WoLF brought back a sharper knowledge of the current startup landscape in the electricity distribution sector, where many innovative companies were present. Most of them operate in relevant areas for RED WoLF and their Pilots, namely renewable generation, battery storage, thermal storage and power control. Relevant contacts collected during the conference have been passed onto RED WoLF Pilot Partners for their consideration

The attended talks and discussions at the Electrification Europe event were centered around carbon reduction, innovative storage solutions and the challenges faced by utility companies and the Power Grid due to the increasing share of renewables on the Grid.

The IEA workshop was organized as a single, large round table discussion with around eighty people. Many R&D and management staff members from utility companies attended, together with academics, public authorities and representatives from other relevant industries. A high number of delegates from USA utilities and from Asia was present. The discussion was focused on the policy and technical challenges posed by renewable generation, electric vehicles, cross-border power transmission and possible solutions to decarbonize electricity while maintaining a reliable supply.

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