New time-of-day tariff in the UK

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In the UK, electricity users have traditionally been able to opt for a ‘night and day’ split tariff. This tariff requires separate physical wiring in the home, and there are only two rates, the cheaper night rate and the more expensive day rate. Whilst this arrangement can work for activities such as heating domestic hot water during the night, it is inflexible and can actually result in much more expensive daytime bills. Read More

Electrification Europe Conference in Paris

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RED WoLF was present with Giuseppe at the Electrification Europe conference in Paris (October 16-17, 2019) and at the subsequent "Sixth Annual Expert Workshop: Challenges in Electricity Decarbonisation" organized in Paris by both EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute, and the International Energy Agency (IEA, Both events proved very relevant for RED WoLF, introduced to many relevant stakeholders during networking sessions. Read More