Work continues during these difficult times!

Everywhere, North West Europe

25 April 2020

This is our most important event. While Pilots installation activities have come to a temporary stop, as face to face meetings have as well, we are advancing in theoretical matters. The algorithm that will drive the Hybrid Storage System in Pilot houses is being perfected day after day by Leeds Beckett researchers. Many variants will be needed, as Grid electricity uptake will be optimized following different criteria and tariff regimes. A new scientist has just reached the LBU team. Dr Aleksandr Zaitcev, Aleksandr the 2nd :-) recently joined the "other Alexander", Sasha Shukhoboskyi, and the Project leader, Giuseppe, at the LBU team. With a PhD and previous invaluable research experience in electrical engineering and brain-computer interface, Aleksandr is already preparing the machine learning algorithms to analyze Pilots data when they will start flowing.

Dr Sylvain Kubler and his PhD student Paul Ortiz at University of Lorraine keep merging the algorithm with the networking, communication and control structure that they are designing, that will run on a PLC computer and will connect the algorithm with the storage system. This is the "glue" that will keep components working together.

Geert Verhoeven at Volta, Bruxelles, is supervising the electrical engineering design and tendering of the Pilots, occurred or occurring in every site from West Yorkshire (Wakefield District Housing, led by Simon Gutteridge) to Greater Manchester (First Choice Home Odham, led by Jamie Smith) to Cork, with the Pilots made available by Carbery Housing Association (managed by Ms Ana Ospina  and Jose Ospina) and Cork City Council (Brian Cassidy).

French Pilots Neolia and Campus de l'Espace, led respectively by Aymeric Bugnot (Montbeliard, ‎Bourgogne-Franche-Comté) and Alexandre Legoff (Vernon, Normandie), are advancing under the technical umbrella of Électricité de France, the largest utility in Europe and our partner with their R&D, Paris-based engineers Mihai Radulescu & David Wiszniewski.

Stevie Donnelly and Paul McNama at IT Sligo are taking care of the Irish activities, from Pilots to dissemination, and have been able to create the most cohesive "national group" in RED WoLF.

Our leaders of the Long Term work package at Oldham Borough Council, Greater Manchester, are adding a new Pilot to the Project, consisting on 19 new houses which will be completed as soon as construction sites will reopen in England.

Ms Meg Baker at SOS-UK, the green new charity, "spin off" of the UK's National Union of Student, is advancing preparation of students activity related to Pilots. Paul Jacobs at Volta is preparing the trainig modules for installers. 

Apologies to whom deserved to be mentioned and did not fit here, we are so many!

RED WoLF wishes everybody a safe journey through this difficult times. Do not hesitate to contact RED WOLF for any query, collaboration or curiosity. All our emails can be found in the Partners section.


Image below: Schematic representation of the electricity distribution implemented in RED WoLF. Arrows represent the flow of electricity within the system (scheme form Sasha Shukhobodskyi).

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