First tenant moves in the RED WOLF Pilot houses of First Choice Homes Oldham, England

20 January 2021

First Choice Homes Oldham owns one of the two RED WoLF Pilots in the English town of Oldham, consisting of 10 newly built houses, endowed from the outset with the RED WoLF Hybrid Storage System. The other Pilot belongs to Metropolitan Borough Council. Greater Manchester is strategic to RED WoLF, enabling the testing of our energy system in a metropolitan area, with high potential for spreading the concept to other housing projects and construction proposals.

The first tenant moved into this new housing complex, as reported from the local news:

Oldham Times

The Oldham Evening Chronicle

This Pilot is an excellent example of creating value with European funding, as the EU contribution (specifically, coming fro the European Regional Development Fund, ERDF) has been combined with the local housing investment, creating greener houses that will also work as testbeds and benchmark for the innovative RED WoLF's Hybrid Storage System.


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