Stakeholders Event of October 27: Presentations available here!

RED WoLF webinar on October 27, 2020

4 November 2020 - 4 November 2020

The event took place online due to  current restrictions to travel and meetings.


Janet Mulcrone from Leeds Beckett University, UK (LBU), RED WoLF Communication Manager, introduced the generalities of the Project, from Partners names and nation to Project's budget. 

Dr Giuseppe Colantuono (LBU), the RED WoLF Project Leader, summarized the Project's physical concept and its inception from the underlying ideas and technological trends.

Dr Alexander Shukhobodskiy (LBU) presented the Algorithm which acquires data from sensors and meters and then generates the instructions that turn on/off storage reservoirs, switches and appliances of the Hybrid Storage System (HSS; a scheme can be found here & an extensive description here) installed in the RED WoLF Pilot houses.

Dr Sylvain Kubler (Université de Lorraine, France) expounded the ICT setup of the RED WoLF Pilot houses: how the local controller connects the house's HSS (energy storage reservoirs, i.e. battery with its own inverter; DHW tank; storage heaters) and PV inverter with the algorithm's computations accomplished on the Cloud.

Andy Hunt (Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, UK) spoke about the capitalization plan, intended to explore long term market perspective of the RED WoLF energy solution.

Meg Baker (Students Organising for Sustainability UK) discussed the RED WoLF strategy she is designing to engage students with the Project and with Pilots in particular.

Stevie Donnelly, of the Institute of Technology Sligo (Republic of Ireland), explained the RED WOLF Pilots, their technical requirement and the complex process to set them up, from engineering design to tender to installation and wiring. 


The next Stakeholder event will take place ~6 months from now; stay tuned, do not miss it and spread the news to your network!

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