RED WoLF present @ "NWE making an impact!" event

La Chaufferie, Tourcing, France

4 December 2019 - 5 December 2019

RED WoLF Project will be one of many further projects funded by Interreg NWE that will be present at the first "NWE making an impact event - Pushing results one step further" in Tourcoing, France from December 4-5 2019.

Over a day and a half, this transnational event will focus on the results achieved by the 83 NWE projects funded so far, and how to further support their uptake and impact.

We are looking forward to getting in touch with you. You can find us on stand no. 31.

On behalf of the RED WoLF Projcet team, the following people will be the representatives at the event:

Dr. Giuseppe Colantuono, Leeds Beckett University, Lead Partner
Dr. Alexander Shukhobodskiy, Leeds Beckett University, Lead Partner
Paul Jacobs, VOLTA, Project Partner
Geert Verhoeven, VOLTA, Project Partner
Laura Jörg, ARGE SOLAR, Project Partner


Further information is available on the Interreg North-West Europe website (news & events). Just click on the link below.

Interreg North-West Europe Website // event description

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