OMBC-LBU meeting at Oldham Town Hall to dicuss the new Pilot with ENGIE

Oldham, Greater Manchester

17 February 2020 - 17 February 2020

A group of Leeds Beckett University Representative on RED WoLF (Lead Partner Giuseppe Colantuono, Business Development Manager Janet Mulcrone and Research Fellow Alexander Shukhobodskiy) visited Oldham City Council represented by Ben Hill (who chaired the meeting), Dave Catherall, Andy Hunt and Anees Mank in relation to the Pilots of 19 large family homes that the Council has offered to RED WoLF.

The houses are being built and will be retrofitted with the RED WoLF Hybrid Storage System (storage heaters and batteries driven by AI through an ICT layer), which will replace the originally planned electric heating.

This is a major success for RED WoLF, as a major construction site has embraced the Project's low-carbon solution.

ENGIE, the company responsible for the site development and for fitting the equipment, was represented by a delegation led by Ben Thomas.

The agenda below has been discussed:

  • Welcomes and Introductions
    Project Overview
    Project Specification
    Collateral Warranties
    Any other Business

The RED WoLF members summarized the Project concept and Programme rules to ENGIE and the relevance of the initiative for all the parties involved was discussed.

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