REAMIT kick-off meeting 2019

Putteridge Bury Conference Centre, Bedfordshire, UK

16 May 2019 - 16 May 2019

REAMIT Project kick-off meeting

Time: Thursday 16th May 2019 (11 am – 5 pm)

Venue: University of Bedfordshire, Room 6, Putteridge Bury, Hitchin Road, Luton, Bedfordshire LU2 8LE, United Kingdom


Facilitating interaction among project partners to plan project activities, communication strategy and dissemination.

 Project Kick-off meeting Agenda

  1. Introduction of project members – what the partners bring to the consortium and what is their expectations from the meeting
  2. Personnel Recruitment in all partner institutions
  3. Feedback and inputs based on the Project seminar in Lille
  4. Constitution of REAMIT Steering Committee (RSC) and suggestions for REAMIT Advisory Committee (RAC)
  5. Development of Project Handbook, internal management systems, setting up & agreeing terms of reference (procedures) for the RSC and RAC
  6. Best practices for project management
  7. Agreeing dates of the first RSC and RAC meetings
  8. Key control register for Project Management
  9. Risk register on key project risks & mitigation actions for each. Assignment of risk-ownership among partners.
  10. Finance training
  11. Any other business

Please contact for any further information.

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