2nd REAMIT Networking Symposium 2020, France

Pays de la Loire regional hotel, Nantes, France

5 November 2020 - 5 November 2020

Reducing food waste is an absolute priority for the EU (88M tonnes or € 143B per year of waste), which is committed to halving food waste by 2030 by focusing on all stages of the chain supply.

In partnership with Images & Réseaux, and as part of its participation in the European REAMIT project, Valorial will organize on November 5, at the Hôtel de Région in Nantes, a symposium on Food Waste.

This event, which will bring together nearly 200 European players, aims to raise awareness of agri and agro-industries on the theme of food waste by providing them with solutions to the problems they encounter throughout the supply chain.

Provisional program being finalized:

An inventory will be made at:
- European: Anne-Laure Gassin, policy officer at the European Commission
- French: Laurence Gouthière, national referent on food waste at ADEME
The work of the REAMIT project carried out to combat waste through innovative technologies (IOT, sensors) in transport will be presented.
A panel of initiatives using different solutions will be presented to limit food losses and waste on the different phases of upstream farming, processing, distribution and consumption: will testify Prince de Bretagne, CTCPA, IDmer, Agromousquetaires , ADRIA development, ADONIAL, Zero-waste, COMERSO, Food Banks of the West, Ook… etc
BtoB meetings will complete this day to concretize your action plans.
Do not miss this day of expertise and networking which will meet two major objectives:

make businesses aware of the problem of food waste throughout the value chain, and offer them solutions for taking concrete action
present the work carried out by the REAMIT project team (in which Valorial, in partnership with the Images & Réseaux cluster, is a player): research work aimed at adapting existing innovative technologies (new generation sensors, IoT, big data, etc.) and apply them to agrifood supply chain management to meet the goal of halving food waste by 2030.
A beautiful day in the colors of Europe to network internationally, discover innovative companies on the subject, while having a friendly time.

> The detailed program is being finalized and will be revealed soon.

> Online registration open soon.


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