REAMIT - Improving Resource Efficiency of Agribusiness supply chains by Minimising waste using Big Data and Internet of Things sensors

Project Summary

The REAMIT project proposes to adapt and apply existing innovative technology to food supply chains in NWE to reduce food waste and hence improve resource efficiency. Reducing food waste is of highest priority for the EU (88Mt or € 143B wasted per year). The EU has committed to halving food waste by 2030 by focusing on all stages in the supply chain. 35% of food waste in EU-28 has occurred in supply chains in 2012. Though technologies exist to reduce food waste, they have not been applied to food supply chains.
REAMIT will focus on fruits, vegetables, meat and fish as these are wasted in large quantities. The supply chain includes farms, packaging sites, food processors, distribution, logistics, wholesalers and retailers. The project will be carried out in Ireland, Germany, France, UK and the Netherlands due to the amount of interconnected food supply chains and huge food waste in these countries.
REAMIT will adapt existing Internet of Things and Big Data technologies to best fit the needs of the food supply chain management system in NWE. Through testing and adaptation, these technologies will be enabled to continuously monitor and record food quality and signal potential food quality issues. Through analytics, owners of 'food to be at risk of becoming waste' will be provided with decision support options to minimise food waste including redistribution to nearby customers.  
REAMIT project will save 1.8Mt of food waste or €3B per year in NWE, avoid 5.5Mt/yr of CO2 emissions, test and operationalise 8 solutions, and, support 20 enterprises. The technologies will be self-sustaining at the end of the project. They will be made available to the public via REAMIT website and social media.

The long-term effects of REAMIT will be optimising (re)use of food and natural resources in NWE economies and a consortium capable of jointly addressing the challenges in food sector.


REAMIT News and Events


4th REAMIT SYMPOSIUM 2022: Sustainable solutions for reducing food waste

08-12-2022 – Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nantes, France

4th REAMIT SYMPOSIUM - SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS FOR SAVING FOOD AND REDUCING FOOD WASTE IN THE NEW NORMAL We look forward to seeing you on 8 of December 2022 for the 4th Symposium of... Read more

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Communication officer vacancy open until 11 December

Posted on 17-11-2022

We are recruiting a communication officer to join our Secretariat in Lille (France). Read more

Interreg NWE call 2

Posted on 14-11-2022

The Interreg North-West Europe call 2 is now open until Thursday, 9 February 2023. Read more

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Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Address Email Website
University of Bedfordshire University Square
United Kingdom
Name Contact Name Email Country
Images & Réseaux Gaël MAUGIS France
National University of Ireland, Dublin, University College Dublin Fionnuala Murphy Ireland
University of Nantes Gérald Thouand France
Levstone Ltd. Davinder Bola United Kingdom
Nottingham Trent University Usha Ramanathan United Kingdom
Whysor Marcel Steegh Netherlands
Munster Technological University Pat Doody Ireland
SenX Hervé Rannou France
Ulster University Joan Condell United Kingdom

News & Blogs

REAMIT Partners across North-West Europe are jointly implementing technology demonstrations with partner companies. Watch this video below for more information.


Interested? Get in touch!

If you are interesting in participating in technology demonstrations with REAMIT, please contact us on the email address below

REAMIT - Technology Demonstrations across North-West Europe


Benefits for companies in agri-food supply chains participating in REAMIT technology demonstrations

REAMIT Explainer video

REAMIT- Animation video

REAMIT - Meet The Partners 

Latest REAMIT Brochure


Life Cycle Assessment Seminar at Penn State University, USA

, Penn State University, USA (Online event(

Dr Fionnuala Murphy of the University College Dublin delivered a seminar titled 'Is the Bioeconomy inherently sustainable? Using Life Cycle Assessment to find out!'. As partners of the REAMIT project, Dr. Murphy detailed the involvement of REAMIT and the Life Cycle Assessment. The seminar for the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering was organised by said department and was delivered online at Penn State University, USA, on 24th March 2020.
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2nd RSC+RAC+WP meeting 2020, France

, IMAGES & RESEAUX, Campus de Beaulieu (building 9ª) Allée Jean Perrin 35042 RENNES France

REAMIT project partners will be meeting for the 2nd RSC+RAC+WP meeting. The meeting will take place in Rennes at Images & Reseaux on January 15th to 16th, 2020. Date and Time: Wednesday 15th - Thursday 16th January 2020 Venue: IMAGES & RESEAUX, Campus de Beaulieu (building 9a), Allee Jean Perrin, 35042 RENNES, France Purpose: Second meeting of the REAMIT Advisory Committee, Work Packages and REAMIT Steering Committee.
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REAMIT - Call for participation in technology demonstrations - Deadline 31 December 2021

Food waste is a serious problem in the EU. Nearly 88 million tonnes of food, equivalent to €3 billion, are wasted every year in the EU. The Union has pledged halving the food waste by the year 2025. Reducing kwaste not only increases food availability but has more benefits in the form of saving significant resources (water, energy, labour, fertilisers, etc.) that formed input to the production of food.

It has been estimated that around 35% of food waste occurs when the food travels across the supply chains. In the REAMIT project, we are passionate in reducing food waste along agribusiness supply chains using new internet of Things sensors and big data technologies. We will focus on fresh food [both packaged and unpackaged] (fruits/vegetables/meat and fish) and propose to do reduce waste of these foods in the following ways:


. Tracking the quality of fresh food using sensors. Both traditional (temperature, humidity, light, vibrations, etc.) and newer (e.g., Raman spectroscopy and 3D Fluorescence spectroscopy).

2. Collecting data from sensors in the cloud and monitoring the data using automated big data technologies.

3. Contacting food owners (using smart phone Apps) as early as possible in the case of any potential loss of food quality, providing suggestions for saving the food before it becomes waste, and, thus encouraging the derivation of best value of food thus avoiding food waste.

4. Conducting big data analytics on the sensor data to bring out long term strategies for reducing food waste in NWE in the long run.

We will share the data on food quality only with the owners of the food and will not share with any other parties. For data analytics purposes, only aggregated information will be made available for public consumption and no information specific to any company will be made available.



(link to the document)


link to the document


link to the document


link to the document



The REAMIT project solicits expressions of interest from agribusiness end users (involved in transporting and storing fresh food) who are interested in understanding how to reduce waste of food when it moves along the supply chain. We have some partners in the consortium that are end-users willing to explore the power of sensors and big data in reducing food waste but we need more end-users in the North West Europe (NWE) to join in this exciting project.

We will work with you in deciding the best strategies for fitting IoT sensors in trucks/warehouses to continuously monitor food quality. We will monitor the food quality and share the data on your food quality only with you. We will help you in preventing food becoming waste and in generating best value for your food (that would otherwise become a waste). We will combine data on quality of your food with similar data from other end-users in order to identify the patterns of food waste in NWE and thus help policy makers in producing well-informed policies on food waste.


What we need from you:

You will be a company dealing with transportation and/or storage of fresh food, willing to use sensors to track quality of the food and share the data to help reduce food waste in NWE region. We will work with you in identifying best ways of fitting sensors and collecting the data.

We are currently looking for end-users in Ireland, Germany, France and the Netherlands, though we are keen to recruit more end-users from all parts of NWE.


What we offer in return:

We have a small budget in the project for fitting sensors, which we will use to share a part of the costs of fitting sensors in your trucks and warehouses.  We will then collect the data to perform big data analytics with support from Big Data experts in the REAMIT consortium. We will help you derive best value for your food by contacting you in advance if there are potential quality issues with your food. This strategy may help you save money in the long run. Finally, we also provide the opportunity to be a part of European Union’s efforts in reducing food waste and help in supporting a noble cause of protecting the environment.

We will follow established ethical principles while sharing and analyzing your data.

If you have interest in becoming a leader in reducing food waste in the EU and would like to participate in the REAMIT project, we invite you to contact us using the mail: or . We will then be in touch with you and discuss your interest in detail.

Deadline 31 December 2021

This page will be updated...


ICSF Farming Innovation Pathways (Feasibility and Industrial Research) (

Expression of interest: transforming UK food systems for health and environment (

Calling FoodTech SMEs and Academics - Showcase your innovate project or research to the Food and Drink sector

Are you a UK based FoodTech SME or Academic working on diet, health or nutrition innovation? If so, you could get your project or research in front of more than 80 people during the KTN Food Industry Innovation 2021 event. For more information click here

Deadline for applications: 12 February 2021 


H2020 the agROBOfood Open Call 1 for Innovation

H2020 the agROBOfood Open Call 1 for Innovation Experiments ( aims at boosting the adoption of robotic technologies in the European agrifood sector. This call is targeted at European SMEs working in the field of agrifood and robotics. Deadline for bid submission is 31 May 2020. Project size EUR 300k – 500k. Number of partners: 2 – 5. Budget per partner: EUR 50k – 300k.


UKRI funding

Funding is available through UKRI.Get funding for ideas that address COVID-19.

Proposals are invited for short-term projects addressing and mitigating the health, social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

REAMIT’s PI has since applied for this funding.Click here for more information.


Apply for a spot at the ICT 2020 Exhibition!

“ICT 2020 – Leading the Digital Age” at Koelnmesse comes with an 8000 m² space where we are going to showcase the most pioneering results from EU-funded research and innovation. For more information, click here.

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