Praha září festival (Czech Republic)

8 September 2020 - 20 September 2020

Anyone who is in Prague from September 11 to 20, can have a close look at the GEM tower. Its energy will power Praha září festival, during which Kefírek will take place.

"When we first saw GEM at the Eurosonic Noorderslag showcase in the Netherlands, we knew we wanted to  present this ecological innovation in the Czech Republic. We like the playful form of approaching the issue of sustainable energy. I think it will attract not only parents but especially the smallest participants of Kefírek, whose education for ecological thinking is the only way to save the future of the planet. GEM is not only beautiful in design but replaces fossil fuels. Besides, it becomes a natural dominant of festivals and a meeting spot," says Michal Thomes, director of Rock for People and organizer of this year's Kefírek festival.

After all, GEM was supposed to have its domestic premiere at Rock for People, but Covid thwarted these plans, as did GEM's European festivals tour. Rock for People festival has been following trends in the field of ecological sustainability of festivals for a long time; it was the first Czech festival to have recycling or returnable cups.

Sustainability is a key topic also for the energy innovator called bezDodavatele, which is a partner of the GEM and Kefírek festival.
"GEM, or green energy mill, generates energy through solar panels and a wind turbine, and we want to support renewable sources in the Czech Republic," says Robert Chmelař, founder of bezDodavatele.

"Our goal is to support Czech households transitioning to green energy, this is why we not only like GEM but also partnership with the Kefirek family festival," adds Robert Chmelař.

During the Praha září festival in Prague, Czech Republic, the GEM team will give daily energy updates from the GEM-Tower, starting on Tuesday the 15th of September. 

Picture from Jakub Cervenka

Watch here the daily energy updates from the GEM-Tower

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