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ULg demonstrates the P recovery SPASH process with a mobile-plant in the real-environment of SW, LV, WSSIC partnersĀ“s locations (I3). P is recovered from wet/dried sewage sludge or ashes. ULg acts closely with the Public Water Management Company (SPGE) responsible of wastewater treatment investments in Wallonia. ULg takes the lead of WP T1 and leads the transnational work regarding LCA (A.T1.4). ULg sustains solutions in existing database/models (A.LT.1) and prepares technology upscale (A.LT.2).

Thematic priorities:

  • Resource & materials efficiency

Involved in

Resource & materials efficiency

Phos4You - PHOSphorus Recovery from waste water FOR YOUr Life

To optimise (re)use of material and natural resources in NWE

Status: ongoing

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