OPIN Webinar: Problem solving with OPIN supports

, Online, 09:30-11:15 (BST) / 10:30 -12:15 (CEST)

Join this OPIN webinar and hear about the Technology Assessment Process (TAP) and Collaboration Innovation Groups (CIG) services offered by OPIN, and how you can access this support. This event will provide a description of CIG and TAP support, and showcase practical examples from companies who have benefited from this support and continue to successfully engage with OPIN. The OPIN team will also be on board to advise on what to do next if you have an idea you are working on.
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OPIN Masterclass : Corrosion solutions for offshore renewable energy devices

, Online, 12:00-15:00 (GMT) / 13:00:16:00 (CET)

By looking at corrosion from both the challenge and solution side, the masterclass aims to facilitate communication between companies from both sides of the corrosion spectrum: those who see it as a problem and those who see it as an opportunity. The masterclass will cover: The challenge of corrosion in offshore & maritime constructions An approach to model the cost of corrosion Overview of monitoring solutions & inspection techniques Opportunities for cross regional collaboration
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OPIN Webinar: Public acceptance of offshore renewables

, Online, 14:00-16:00 (GMT) / 15:00 -17:00 (CET)

Transition to renewable energy and its promotion are key priorities when we talk about fighting climate change. However, this transition requires significant financial and technology investments as well as an acceptance by the society. Although surveys show high support for renewable energy in general, there is a gap between this high level of support and the lower success rate of deployed projects. How can we address this gap? Which are the key stakeholders in public perception and acceptance of renewable energy projects? This webinar will show the importance of social acceptance in developing projects, give insights into stakeholder engagement strategies and present lessons learned from industry and academia.
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OPIN Webinar: How internationalisation can support collaborative innovation

, Online, 11:00-12:05 (BST) / 12:00:13:05 (CEST)

This webinar will present PLOCAN's & DMEC's experience on how international collaboration has supported projects and will showcase some examples from companies to explain the process from early days until project completion. PLOCAN (The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands ) is a multipurpose technical-scientific service infrastructure that provides support for research, technological development and innovation in the marine and maritime sectors. PLOCAN have supported many projects including All Atlantic Cooperation for Ocean Research and Innovation and Atlantic Ecosystems assessment, forecasting & sustainability. They work across many regions including the EU, Brazil and South Africa, and aim to share their wealth of experience with OPIN members, with the possibility of fostering collaboration.
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