OPIN - Ocean Power Innovation Network

Project Summary

The Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN) is a 3-year initiative, running from 2019 to 2021. The project has a total project budget of €2.6M, with €1.5M in financial support contributed by Interreg North West Europe from the European Research and Development Fund (ERDF).

The OPIN project will deliver supports to encourage both cross-sectoral and cross-regional collaboration. These supports will include:

OPIN plans to provide direct support to over 100 companies during the lifetime of the project.

There are seven partners involved in the OPIN project:


For more information on the OPIN project please contact OPIN@seai.ie

Project Partners

  • Scottish Enterprise

    50 Waterloo Street, Atrium Court
    G2 6HQ
    United Kingdom

    View partner details

  • Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult

    Hayle Marine Renewables Business Park Chi Gallos, North Quay
    TR27 4DD
    United Kingdom

    View partner details

  • Sirris, the collective centre of the technological industry

    935 Technologiepark

    View partner details

  • Ecole Centrale de Nantes

    1 rue de la Noë - BP 92101
    Nantes Cedex 3

    View partner details

  • Dutch Marine Energy Centre

    200 Bergerweg
    1817 MN

    View partner details

  • Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V.

    59 Königstor

    View partner details

  • Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

    3 Park Place, Hatch Street Upper, St Kevin's
    Dublin 2
    Co. Dublin

    View partner details

Lead partner

Organisation Address Email Website
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland 3 Park Place, Hatch Street Upper, St Kevin's
Dublin 2
Co. Dublin
Patricia.Comiskey@seai.ie https://www.seai.ie
Name Contact Name Email Country
Scottish Enterprise Karen Fraser Karen.Fraser@scotent.co.uk United Kingdom
Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult Simon Cheeseman simon.cheeseman@ore.catapult.org.uk United Kingdom
Sirris, the collective centre of the technological industry Bart Teerlinck bart.teerlinck@sirris.be Belgium
Ecole Centrale de Nantes Florent Vince florent.vince@weamec.fr France
Dutch Marine Energy Centre Justin den Hartog justin@dutchmarineenergy.com Netherlands
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. Jochen Giebhardt Jochen.Giebhardt@iee.fraunhofer.de Germany


Membership of the Ocean Power Innovation Network is completely free. To become a member of the OPIN Project fill in the Membership Form below and become eligible for all supports available through the project:


Innovation Supports

The OPIN Project provides 3 types of Innovation Supports to SMEs (Small or Medium sized Enterprises):


1. Technology Assessment Process (TAP) Support

OPIN partners will offer a high-level Technology Assessment Process (TAP) to SMEs which is free of charge. TAPs can look at either a whole system, a sub-system, or component level. TAPs are an evidence-based assessment conducted through an informal interview process.

During a TAP, OPIN partners will discuss with the technology developer design principles, opportunities to de-risk onward development and the route to commercialisation (product to market). The TAP is open to developers in the ocean sector who are looking to develop their technology and to developers in other sectors who are looking for opportunities to transfer technology into ocean energy.

For more information on applying for a TAP, please read the OPIN TAP Guidelines to Applicants document.

Applications must be submitted by email, using the OPIN TAP Application Form.

2. Collaborative Innovation Group (CIG) Support

OPIN will offer supports to SMEs to work collaboratively with other SMEs and/or research entities or large companies, to solve specific problems which are barriers to deployment of ocean energy. OPIN will offer support to a Collaborative Innovation Group (CIG) to work together to find a solution to the specific problem identified. CIGs should focus on challenges which cannot or have not been solved by one SME alone and aim to include complementary skills and expertise. The work carried out by a CIG is defined as a Collaborative Innovation Projects (CIPs).


  • The lead applicant for a CIG must meet be an SME.
  • The core membership of a CIG must involve a minimum of 2 SMEs.
  • Large companies and research organisations may also be members of the CIG, as long as at least 50% of members are SMEs.
  • CIGs should include members from at least 2 different OPIN regions.
  • Additional members can come from countries in the North-West Europe area, as defined by the Interreg North-West Europe Programme.
  • Associate members / observers from outside North West Europe may be involved with the CIG but cannot be direct beneficiaries of support. Associate members / observers can’t be included in a CIG at the expense of a potential CIG member from North West Europe.
  • CIGs are expected to consider cross-sector opportunities and preferably include at least one member from outside the ocean energy sector.

For more information on eligibility criteria for CIG Support please read the CIG Guidelines to Applicants and Call for Proposals document. 


CIG Support Applications and Approval Timelines:

Applications must be submitted by email, using the OPIN CIG Application Form.

OPIN Supports can be applied for at any time.

3. Travel Support

Travel support is an amount, up to €500 per trip and a maximun of €2,000 per SME (inclusive of VAT), available to SMEs travelling abroad either:

  • To take part in an OPIN workshop or masterclass
  • To take part in a Collaborative Innovation Group meeting or activity

Travel Support is only available to SMEs registered in Ireland or the Scottish Enterprise region.

For more information on applying for a Travel Support please read the Travel Support Guidance to Applicants documents. 

Applications must be submitted by email, using the OPIN Travel Support Application Form.


All applications for support must be submitted by email, using the application forms provided in the sections above, to “OPIN@seai.ie using the subject heading “Innovation Support Application”.

Guidelines for Support:

To see the general guidelines explaining how SMEs from ocean energy and related sectors, located in an OPIN region, can apply for OPIN Innovation Support. please consult the following guidelines document: Innovation Support Scheme: General Guidelines for Applicants



OPIN Masterclass: Installation and Mooring (Event cancelled)

, Nantes, France

This one day training will provide developers, operators and technology providers with a background knowledge in mooring systems for offshore renewable floating farms (wind, wave, tidal). The masterclass content will support the attendees to choose and design adapted mooring systems from a techno-economic standpoint, but also control the installation requirements and maintenance of these systems.
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OPIN Workshop: Ocean Energy and the Supply Chain - Building the future into today

, Edinburgh, UK

This workshop in partnership with Scottish Engineering will take place in Edinburgh on 26th February 2020 at Murrayfield Stadium, home of Scottish international rugby. We are delighted to draw on the vast experience of our innovative speakers from various sectors, who will share their learning and how it can be transferred to the challenges facing ocean energy and the engineering sector. As well as hearing from the speakers, delegates will also have the opportunity to participate in facilitated break-out sessions, lunch reception and a tour of Murrayfield Stadium.
Read More


During the OPIN project a number of tools for supporting ocean energy SMEs and other network members will be developed. These will include value chain reports, a process document for technology assessments, a log of all CIG support categories (Innovation Challenges), the content of workshops and masterclasses, presentations and work from Annual Symposiums and CIG summaries. These will be documented and made available for future use through this Documents section.

OPIN Privacy Notice

Ocean Energy Challenges and Recommendations: Desktop Analysis of Studies and Reports

2019 OPIN Symposium (30/09/19)

Blyth Workshop (23/10/19) - Energy Policy and Offshore Renewables State of the Nation

Nantes Workshop (12/11/19) - Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

OPIN Members

The Ocean Power Innovation Network counts close to 190 members. A directory is available below.


 • 4c Engineering UK   
 • Above All  France   
 • AFDEN France   
• Aiken Global UK  
 • Akrocean France   
 • Albatern Ltd UK  
 • Antea Group  Netherlands  
 • Applied Renewables Research Ltd UK   
 • Aqualis-Braemar UK   
 • Atlanpole France   
 • Atlas Copco - Specialty Rental France   
 • Aubin UK   
 • AW-Energy Oy  Finland  
 • B15 Marine Ltd UK   
 • BayWa r.e. UK   
 • BD Consultancy UK   
 • Black & Veatch UK   
 • BME Consulting Ireland   
 • Booth Welsh Automation Ltd UK   
 • BPP Cable Solutions UK   
 • Bremeton UK   
 • Briggs Marine Contractors UK   
 • Bureau Veritas France   
 • Burntisland Fabrications Ltd UK   
 • BVG Associates UK   
 • Cadpeople UK Ltd UK  
 • Caley Ocean Systems UK   
 • CalWave Power Technologies Ug Germany  
 • CARENE France   
 • Cata Energy Wave Switzerland   
 • CEA-TECH France   
 • Cedeco Contractors Ltd UK  
 • Centrale Nantes France   
 • Centre Technique Industriel de la Plasturgie et des Composites France   
 • Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment France   
 • Cétéal France   
 • Charier Génie Civil France  
 • Cimpina Ltd UK  
 • Climate Action Regional Office ASBN Ireland   
 • Com&Sen Belgium   
 • Composium Group  UK   
 • Conseil Régional des Hauts-de-France France   
 • Data Only Greater Ireland  
 • Deepwater Energy BV Netherlands   
 • DesignPro Renewables  Ireland  
 • D-ICE Engineering France   
 • Dolfines France  
 • DP Energy  Ireland  
 • Dublin Offshore Consultants Ireland   
 • DynamOcean France   
 • E2P Consultancy & Services LLC India   
 • EC-OG UK   
 • Ecosse IP Ltd UK   
 • EDF R&D France   
 • EE-gine France  
 • Energie de la Lune France   
 • EIGSI France   
 • Eirecomposites Ireland   
 • EISIS France  
 • Elwave  France   
 • Engie Laborelec Belgium   
 • Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM) France   
 • ENSTA Bretagne France   
 • Eolfi France   
 • European Marine Energy Centre  UK  
 • EPRI Europe DAC Ireland   
 • Escape Recruitment Services Ltd UK  
 • EVER (Energies des Vagues Et Renouvelables) France   
 • Exceedence Ireland   
 • Finsulate France France   
 • FMGC France   
 • Forde Engineering Ltd  UK   
 • France Energies Marines France   
 • Gaïa - Terre Bleue France   
 • Garos France   
 • Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions Ltd Ireland   
• Gazelenergie  France  
 • Génie Wind Marine SAS France   
 • Genspira  UK  
 • GEPS Techno France  
 • Ghent University Belgium   
 • GKinetic Energy Limited Ireland   
 • Global Maritime UK   
 • GSLC France   
 • Halpin Centre for Research & Innovation at the National Maritime College of Ireland Ireland   
 • HelioRec France   
 • Heriot-Watt University UK   
 • Hutisa France  
 • Hydrogen Suffren  France   
 • ICAM France  
 • Ideol France   
 • IFREMER France   
 • Imetrum UK   
 • In Situ  France   
 • Industrial Systems and Control Ltd UK  
 • Inno'Energy  France   
 • Innosea  France   
 • IRT Jules Verne France   
 • ITPEnergised UK  
 • K2 Management Portugal   
 • Kraken Subsea Solutions France   
 • Laminaria Belgium   
 • Lemer Fonderie France  
 • Lhyfe France   
 • Liberty House Group UK  
 • Limerick Wave Ltd Ireland   
 • Linxon UK   
 • LMSM France   
 • Loiretech Ingénierie France   
 • Macintyre Chocolate Systems  UK   
 • Mage Control Systems Ltd UK   
 • MAREE France   
 • Marine Energy Wales UK   
 • Marine Institute Ireland   
 • Marine Materials Ireland Ireland   
Marine Power Systems UK   
 • Marit France   
 • Market Potential Ltd UK   
 • McLaughlin & Harvey UK   
 • MECA France   
 • Meltemus  France   
 • Mocean Energy UK   
 • Mojo Maritime France  France   
 • Monitor Systems Scotland Ltd UK  
 • National Defense University of Malaysia Malaysia   
 • National University of Ireland Galway Ireland   
 • Nautricity Ltd UK   
 • Naval Energies France   
 • Neodyme  France   
 • Nextflow Software France   
 • Nova Innovation Ltd UK  
 • NoviOcean, Novige AB Sweden   
 • Numerics Warehouse Ltd Ireland   
 • Ocean Grazer B.V Netherlands  
 • Ocean Zoom France   
 • Open Ocean Energy Ltd Ireland   
 • OpenSky Data Systems Ireland   
 • Orbital Marine Power Limited UK   
 • ORPC Ireland Ireland   
 • P&O Maritime Services (Ireland) Ltd Ireland   
• PanGeo Subsea Inc Canada   
 • Paper Yacht Limited UK   
 • Parameter Space Ltd  Ireland   
 • Petrofac  UK   
 • Pilgrim Technology  France  
 • Polarttech B.V. Netherlands   
 • Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique France   
 • Port of Galway Ireland  
 • Practical Solution Netherlands   
 • Principia  France   
 • Principle Power France France   
 • ProKinetics Ltd UK  
 • QED Naval Limited UK   
 • Ramboll Denmark   
 • Recharged UK   
 • Red Rock Power Ltd UK   
 • Renewable Risk Advisers UK   
 • RES France France   
Ridderflex & Plastics B.V  Netherlands   
 • Rockall Research Ltd Ireland   
 • Rohrer Technologies, Inc. (RTI) US   
 • RPS UK   
 • S2E2 France   
 • Sabella SAS  France   
 • Sandia National Laboratories US   
 • Santane Ltd UK   
 • SATIE lab (CNRS), ENS Rennes France   
 • SATT Ouest Valorisation  France   
 • SBM Offshore Monaco   
 • Scotstream Generation Limited UK  
 • Seabreath srl Italy   
 • Sealand Projects  UK   
• SeaQurrent   Netherlands  
 • Simvirtua Ireland   
 • Skua Marine UK   
 • SmartBay Ireland  Ireland   
 • Sogebras  France   
 • SolarMarine Energy Ltd Ireland  
 • Solutions&Co France   
 • Sterblue France   
 • Subsea Micropiles Ireland  
 • Supply Design Ltd UK   
 • Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd UK   
 • Sustineo Ireland   
 • Tecnoconsult Italy  
 • TechWorks Marine Ltd Ireland   
 • TfI Marine Ireland   
 • The Bryden Centre Ireland  
 • The University of Edinburgh, Policy and Innovation Group UK   
 • TWEFDA Ltd UK   
 • UHI UK   
 • Ulster University UK   
 • Université Gustave Eiffel France  
 • Université de Nantes  France   
 • University of Exeter UK   
 • Uppsala University Sweden   
 • U.S. Department of Energy - Water Power Technologies Office US  
 • Valemo France   
 • Valorem Marine Solutions  France  
 • Valpolicella-group Netherlands   
 • Van Oord  Netherlands   
 • Verdant Isles Ireland   
 • Vilicom Ireland   
 • Walker Subsea Engineering UK  
 • Water2Energy Netherlands   
 • WavEC Offshore Renewables Portugal  
 • WaveForce Energy Ltd. Ireland   
 • Wavekiss Canada   
 • WFS Technology UK   
 • William Johnston & Company Limited UK   
 • Windhois UK   
 • WITT (Energy) Limited UK   
 • Woollard and Henry UK  
 • Xi Engineering consultants UK   
 • Xodus Group UK   

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