Delivery of New Fibre & Micro-Optics Packaging Machine at Tyndall National Institute, supported by OIP4NWE project

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Tyndall National Institute - photonics packaging group has become the world’s best-in-class reference for integrated photonic packaging, through the various research projects over the years the photonics packaging team is developing the packaging building blocks to help standardise the packaging process which account up to 60% of the costs of photonic integrated devices. Read More

OIP4NWE WebTalk on PICs for LIDAR Systems

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To show the great impact of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) on the markets and to illustrate the high potential of this technological approach, the OIP4NWE consortium invites you to series of webinars, where stakeholders from different PIC application fields give insights in technological demands and opportunities and discuss the improvements by using the PIC technology. Read More