First trials on the DUFERCO site launched





On April 29th, 2021, the first trials on the DUFERCO site were launched for the cultivation of reygrass for the production of eco-catalysts, by Ixsane! The objective of this first day was to clear the study area, mark it out, apply the selected amendment and sow the ryegrass. 



The team created 6 plots of 6 m² each: 3 plots are unamended and 3 plots are amended in DAP (diammonium phosphate). In the end, the objective is to evaluate the development of ryegrass on these 2 treatments as well as the transfer of metallic contaminants to the aerial parts of the ryegrass for their recovery for the production of eco-catalysts by Junia.


From left to right, Antoine WENDERBECQ, Adeline JANUS and Gaëtan THIBAUT, from Ixsane.

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