NWE-REGENERATIS - Geophysical survey campaign at Teesworks site, UK

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Members of the project team have recently visited Teesworks to inspect the former Tata Steel landfill located there which is estimated to be more than 95% steel slag. (With operation ceasing in July 2002). In order to characterise the structure and type of metallurgical wastes, a team of geophysicists from BRGM and the University of Liège accompanied by members of MPI and Cranfield University conducted a geophysical survey on the Teesworks site. From 17th to 24th May. Read More


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The NWE-REGENERATIS project (Interreg North-West Europe), coordinated by SPAQUE, aims at demonstrating that resources (metals, minerals and land) can be recovered from Past Metallurgical Sites and Deposits (PMSDs) by Urban Mining techniques. CTP's involvement in the project consists essentially of evaluating the metals recovery potential from three metallurgical sites, located in Belgium, France and UK , by applying mineral processing techniques. Read More

(FR & GB) Workshop BRACA « NWE-REGENERATIS et la reconversion des sites métallurgiques »

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(FR) Les partenaires du projet ont organisé un workshop le 16 septembre dernier dans les locaux de la SPAQuE à Liège (BELGIQUE) avec les membres de BRACA brownfieldacademy, actifs dans la dépollution des sols, l’aménagement des territoires et du secteur de la construction. L’objectif visé a été de concilier les points de vue des deux parties, animées par l’ambition commune de convertir les terrains pollués en nouvelles opportunités territoriales. (GB) The project partners organised a workshop on 16 September at the SPAQuE offices in Liège (BELGIUM) with the members of BRACA brownfieldacademy, who are active in soil remediation, spatial planning and the construction sector. The objective was to reconcile the points of view of both parties, driven by the common ambition to convert polluted land into new territorial opportunities. Read More