Hospitalisation at home: blueprint for an operational organisation plan

NWE-Chance is assessing the feasibility for Heart Failure patients to get hospital-level care at home – average duration 5 days –with the support of a newly developed integrated technology platform.

The concept of home hospitalisation is still in its infancy. Therefore NWE-Chance has worked out a blueprint for an operational organisation plan for heart failure patient admission at home.

This blueprint is based on the Chance@Home programme initiated at Isala Heart Centre, in Zwolle, (NL), and has been further developed with the support of the NWE-Chance partners. Its objective is to provide a solid basis for hospitals to deploy a hospitalisation at home programme for heart failure patients.

The blueprint describes the health care process both with respect to the patients as well as the care path. It elaborates an organisation model, with tasks and responsibilities as well as the organisation of work. It also identifies and describe the logistic conditions and the technology to use. It organises the quality management of the care process and defines standard (operating) procedures and work instructions.

The current version of the blueprint cannot be seen as a final; it is merely a first attempt to describe all relevant organisational aspects related to hospitalisation at home for heart failure patients, based on the information momentarily available.

The outcomes and experiences of the small scale pilots will definitely provide additional information and shall further improve the blueprint (May 2021).


organisational model The organisational model that is used at Isala for NWE-Chance. Isala is able to admit heart failure patients at home with a 24/7 service. It is supported by IC/CC nurses and facilitated by eHealth.



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A.E. van der Velde (Isala), E.P. de Kluiver (Isala)

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