An EHTEL/NWE-Chance Factsheet: How Hospitals at Home can Benefit from Digital Therapeutics

NWE-Chance has been featured in the webinar on Digital Therapeutics and Care at Home, organised by EHTEL

The webinar was arranged by the EHTEL Innovation Initiative Task Force as a contribution to the Imagining 2029 work programme of EHTEL. It was chaired by Juan GUANYABENS of TicSalutSocial (Barcelona, Spain).

The factsheet is the main outcome of the webinar: it concentrates on how hospitals at home can benefit from digital therapeutics. It offers a brief outline of what digital therapeutics are, how they can be used, and how artificial intelligence can underpin them.

The factsheet is the first in a series. Each factsheet will reflect the content of a dedicated webinar or workshop (e.g., in September 2020, a more in-depth coverage of artificial intelligence).

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