Digital Therapeutics and Care at Home - Innovation Initiative webinar


3 June 2020

NWE-Chance participated in the second “Imagining 2029” webinar, organised by EHTEL and supported by the EHTEL Innovation Initiative. The webinar introduced the journey that is helping patients to move from care in the hospital to care in the community, and especially care at home.

The webinar featured the participation of Astrid Van der Velde and Ed de Kluiver. During the online event, Ed de Kluiver informed the audience about the Isala Health Center experience with home hospitalisation. In the Zwolle region in the Netherlands, more than 1,000 home-admitted patients are much more highly satisfied than with hospital admission. Any medical hazards are also vastly reduced. Ed then presented the NWE-Chance project, its development, and its testing of an integrated home hospitalisation ICT platform prototype.

If you want to know more about the webinar, please visit the web page on the EHTEL website.

You can watch the full video recording here below.


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