Mustbe0 kicks off in London

Mustbe0 partners gathered in London to kick off the Mustbe0 project, whose ambition is tomake net zero energy home make-overs suitable for multi-storey buildings in North West Europe. The meeting focused on collaboration with international partners, industrialisation of the building sector and challenges for housing associations. 

The kick off meeting was partly dedicated to meeting each another, sharing and informing everyone of the timeline and administrative matters, communication & management processes, and the Mustbe0 deliverables. The rest of the day was used to start the process of working together in a transnational way to create better market conditions, learning how to speed up industrialisation and how to ensure better products and concepts will be available.

Transnational work groups

Partners from all participating countries worked together to define transnational thematic workgroups. In this way knowledge and experience can be shared and specifications can be developed together across the countries to create better conditions for implementing net zero in apartment buildings. In London, the themes to work on together were discussed and decided on. The groups will focus on: Business Case & Stock Selection, Implementation, Testing and Technology.

Design competition

To get better and cheaper products from the market, a design competition will be set up in the UK, France and Germany. The competition focuses on pushing the market to develop insulated façade systems, a roof system with solar panels and installation solutions for centralized and decentralized buildings. Apart from the different components, the search of a total solution integrator will also be included in this competition. The UK is also looking for a provider of monitoring including a billing system for multi-storey building.

The competition has two aspects: it will set out the search for high standard component solutions of roofs, facades and energy modules which is needed in Germany where they just set of with the first net zero energy retrofit projects. At the same the competition will search for high standard integrated solutions for countries where the market has already taken off but needs a push into the direction of better products at more cost-effective prices. 


During a brainstorm session solution providers RC Panels and Factory Zero talked about improving their net zero products for multi-storey buildings. They discussed how to make sure different components such as roofs, facades and energy modules interact in a better way. Another challenge is to innovate the whole process from measuring at the start to delivery to monitoring the performances after. 

Challenges for housing associations

Housing associations and the national MDT´s discussed what challenges they face getting the net zero energy concept suitable for multi-storey buildings. Challenges and experiences were shared. All MDT´s returned home with a list of things they can do to support the HA´s. 

During the after-session drinks, business cards and plans were exchanged, soon to be meeting and working together again.

Next meeting was a MDT-meeting and took place at 13 and 14 May in Berlin.

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