IPM farm trials : first step pre ipm flock treatment

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IPM strategies trials have begun in the pilot farms. 3 strategies are being tested : drink water additive + predatory mites, drink water additive + silica and vaccine and predatory mites ! Some actions have been undertaken on the previous flock (before the trial flock). It is advised to start the empty period with as low as possible PRM infestation. Therefore parts of the house where there are clusters of PRM have been cleaned with water and brown soap. Read More

Monitoring development goes to semi commercial scale !

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Mite infestations will change behaviour of the hens during night time (restlessness, agitation) . This altered behaviour can be measured by sensors (cameras) at night which will indicate the state of mite infestation in the hen house depending on the state of agitation of the hens. Hen's behaviour recording is about to start at a semi commercial scale at the Experimental Poultry Centre in Geel! Read More