Capitalisation proposal approved

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Mitecontrol project partners submitted an application end of january for capitalisation call initiative which just got approved ! The objective of this program is to maximise the impact of Mitecontrol by adding on to the target group by applying the IPM programmes for rearing (1d old chick to pullet) and breeder farms (parent stock broilers and layers) and expand communication to new regions through Associated Partners in Germany and Ireland. This will allow more farmers in NWE and beyond to apply IPM (+ camera monitoring), to control PRM and optimise animal health and welfare, food safety, reduce productivity losses and waste throughout the entire poultry sector. Read More

Update on results on improvement of non chemical treatment uses

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Concerning treatments, the work on Work Package 2 (Improvement of non chemical treatment uses) revealed that one genetic group of a predatory mite was more voracious than the others, which opens up prospects for improvement. No incompatibility between plant-based treatments (or vaccine) and predators was found. Regarding resistance, significant differences in susceptibility to plant-based repellents were detected between PRM populations. Experiments are underway to determine the extent to which these variations may result in the selection of resistant populations under plant-based treatments. In the process, we have also discovered that the temporal dynamics of PRM populations is much more aggressive than previously thought. Read More