ITEG: Integrating Tidal energy into the European Grid

Project Summary

ITEG will develop and validate an integrated tidal energy and hydrogen production solution for clean energy generation to be demonstrated in Orkney. The project addresses energy related carbon emissions in North West Europe and will tackle grid export limitations faced in remote communities.

Led by the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, the ITEG project brings together partners from across the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands and will adopt three low carbon technologies (tidal turbine, electrolyser and Energy Management System)

The cost of pre-commercial demonstration for ocean energy is high and investors are reluctant to invest until the technology has been proven in the sea at scale. ITEG sets out to drive down these costs through the development of an integrated hydrogen production solution.

The integrated solution combines Orbital's next generation 2 MW floating tidal energy converter, the Orbital O2 2MW, with a custom built 500kW Elogen electrolyser and an onshore energy management system (EMS) to be deployed at EMEC's hydrogen production site on the Orkney island of Eday.

The EMS will support the production of hydrogen by routing any excess energy generated by the Orbital O2 turbine on EMEC’s Fall of Warness tidal test site to be used to power an Elogen electrolyser, the first to be deployed in the UK. 

Project objectives

  • Develop and validate an integrated tidal energy and hydrogen production solution for clean energy generation in remote areas
  • Open new market opportunities for the ocean energy sector through hydrogen production and energy storage
  • Optimise the EMS and fast-track a clean energy generation, management and storage solution towards commercialisation 
  • Build a roadmap to support the replication of the integrated solution in other remote, grid restricted areas

The following graphic shows how the three low carbon technologies will form an integrated hydrogen production solution;

Orbital O2 2MW tidal turbine animation 

ITEG Consortium in Oostende, October 2019 (Credit University of Ghent)


Hero image at top of web page: Orbital O2 Orkney arrival (Credit Orbital)

ITEG project leaflet download

Project Partners

Lead partner

Organisation Address Email Website
European Marine Energy Centre 1 Old Academy Business Center
United Kingdom
Name Contact Name Email Country
Agence de Développement pour la Normandie Auriane Mathieu France
Orbital Marine Power James Murray United Kingdom
Energy Valley Patrick Cnubben Netherlands
Université de Caen Normandie Hamid Gualous France
Université le Havre Normandie Brayima Dakyo France
Ghent University Dominique Dhont Belgium
Energy Systems Catapult Richard Halsey United Kingdom
Elogen Ian Williamson France
Smart Hydrogen Consulting



Sirris seminar | Emerging Offshore technologies - Production of green electrons and molecules at sea

, Virtual

With a view to 2050, the European Commission is also putting forward renewable hydrogen as a sustainable energy source. This thematic seminar will guide you through the latest market and technology trends. We’re specifically focusing on the marriage of offshore energy, such as offshore wind energy in combination with the production of green hydrogen. Hydrogen is an important part of the European Green Deal. The development of renewable hydrogen based on wind and solar energy is a priority for the European Commission. The aim is to decarbonise the production of hydrogen. The increasing production of offshore wind energy in Europe, in addition to other forms of energy production at sea that are still in full development, offer numerous opportunities to combine and integrate electrolysis. The use of hydrogen will gradually be introduced in various industrial sectors, including the offshore sector.
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GenComm Spring webinar series | Smart H2 webinar

, Virtual

Hydrogen is now a fundamental pillar of energy policy of the EU as it transitions to a net zero future. It is a key component of the EU Strategy for Energy System Integration and has been included in the TEN-E framework. To unlock hydrogen’s benefits the EU hydrogen strategy5 targets 6 GW of electrolyser by 2024 and 40 GW by 2040, with heavy-duty transport identified as a key sector. Globally, Governments are recognising the hydrogen opportunity and need for government support and have implemented hydrogen strategies whilst others are developing ambitious hydrogen plans. Hydrogen is the catalyst driving Europe’s energy transition. Optimising this journey delivering SMARTH2 through valorisation of the hydrogen supply chain, production, storage and use to meet future need is key to creating a successful hydrogen Europe. Webinar #4 in the GenComm SMARTH2 series on May 18, 2021 will examine how countries are scaling up and optimising production from additional green energy resources to meet current demand and opening new avenues of generation for utilisation. The series of webinars will run from 10th March through to 27th May and will cover such topics as hydrogen optimisation, supply, infrastructure & storage, demand & use and stakeholder engagement.
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H2FC Supergen Innovation workshop 2021

, Virtual

The H2FC Supergen Hub held an online Innovation Workshop on Thursday 25 February & Friday 26 February 2021 to bring research and industry communities together. It explored hydrogen and fuel cell technology challenges from an industry perspective and how academic and industry can best collaborate to achieve their goals. There were talks from a number of industry leaders and key academics as well as opportunity for discussion and networking. Each session consisted of a talk from an academic and talks from key industry speakers, followed by interactive discussion with attendees. ITEG consortium members were in attendance for learning opportunities and networking purposes.
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NWE making an impact!

, Tourcoing, France

The Interreg North-West Europe (NWE) programme is pleased to announce its first impact event on 4 and 5 December 2019, which will take place in Tourcoing (Lille agglomeration, Hauts-de-France) at La Chaufferie. Over a day and a half, this transnational event will focus on the results achieved by the 83 NWE projects funded so far, and how to further support their uptake and impact. Through a wide variety of sessions and formats, the programme will offer unique opportunities for participants to network, exchange and explore new potential collaborations.
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Seanrgy 2019

, Dunkerque, France

Seanergy is the international forum dedicated to Offshore Wind and Marine Renewable Energy. Seanergy aims to structure and promote the MRE sector through the field of offshore wind – fixed and floating – tidal energy, floating solar, wave energy, Marine Thermal Energy (MTE)… Seanergy gathers around 250 exhibitors and more than 3500 international actors of the MRE field (politics, ordering institutions (energy operators and industrials), technological experts, NGOs, researchers, investors and subcontractors), around an exhibition area, conferences, business meetings and industrial sites’ visits; with the goal of reinforcing synergies between all the actors of this industry, accelerating its structuration and promoting its development, in France and worldwide. The purpose of the event is to accelerate development by stimulating collaboration between companies, researchers and development centres. It also targets engagement of operators with experience in related marine and power industry sectors.
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ETIP Ocean | Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Ocean Energy 2020

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