Centre National de Ressources et de Résiliences (CN2R)

After hearing professionals and experts from different fields of psychotrauma, the group defined the missions of the CN2R:

- the promotion (national and international) and the provision of all the research work already undertaken relating to psychotrauma and resilience and the identification of gaps in order to define lines of work and research,

- the dissemination of good practices in the management of post-traumatic mental disorders and the training of professionals, in particular through the development of educational tools,

- the scientific animation of the network of support systems in this field

- a better understanding of the concept of psychotrauma, at individual and societal level,

- the link with the national network of medico-psychological emergency (CUMP) and the other actors of medico-psychological care and assistance to victims.


Subpartner linked to ESPM Lille Métropole.

Link to the websitehttps://cn2r.fr/


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