Bielefeld University

Bielefeld University is a higher education institution located in Germany. The Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy working group is chaired by Frank Neuner and Claudia Catani and includes young academics and therapists at different stages of their career. The group provides a comprehensive education in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy for students in the BSc and MSc courses in Psychology, postgraduate education, the supervision of PhD students as well as continuing education in psychotherapy. Its research focuses on the causes and consequences of traumatic events such as child maltreatment and war violence. Further, the working group has an expertise in developing and evaluating treatment approaches and interventions for Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders (e.g., PTSD) across the life span and in different life conditions (e.g. for refugees).

Based on its expertise and prior work (e.g., development of in-situ and online courses to train health care professionals in various therapeutic interventions for PTSD), the working group will support the identification of needs and validation of innovative tools by providing clinical expertise and accompanying the process of evaluation. Particularly, the group will support the implementation of innovative tools and change of culture in the mental health sector. In addition to imparting theoretical knowledge on trauma and its consequences, the main focus is on building up the capacity to deal with unexpected or difficult situations with traumatised individuals and encouraging the creation of local care structures and networking with other actors.

Subpartner linked to Evangelisches Klinikum Bethel.

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Name of the main contact: Dr. Benjamin Iffland


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