ACSAL is an NGO2 and non-profit scientific, research and technology organisation that develops projects to promote the development of African countries through scientific research and new technology transfer. ACSAL develops several projects, particularly in the field of e-Health, ICT for risk reduction and disaster management, Geographical Information System and Public Health. The institution fosters the collaboration between European Research Centre (public and private) and the Africa research institution.

Since 2013, ACSAL is working on several European program (H2020 and Erasmus) on the coordination and management level and also on the development of the research activities and case studies. Since December 2020, ACSAL has become ACSEA (Agence pour la Coopération Europe Afrique).

ACSAL is partner of IT4anxiety project. In direct collaboration and partnership with the University of Liège, ACSAL is overseeing research on "participatory evaluation" in e-psychiatry projects. This research will inform public health the evolution of organizations and professional practices in the field of mental health for the monitoring and support of people with disorders.

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Name of the main contact: Dr. Guy TANONKOU

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