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Article about aromachology with the sub-partner of the IT4Anxiety project, Knows'n Co (In-Spir)., October 10, 2019. (French)

Newsletter about the life expectancy loss of people suffering from mental health issues in which the IT4Anxiety project is presented. GCS pour la recherche et la formation en santé mentale: recherche-santé, March, 2020. (French) For more information please contact:


Article with Live-Out and Knows'n Co about RV tests on seniors. Ouest France (édition Côtes d’Armor), December 5, 2019. (French)

Eldom, Live-Out and Knows'n Co talked about IT4Anxiety in a local magazine. Saint-Brieuc Armor Agglomération Magazine, Dec/Jan/Feb 2020. (French)

Interview of Jean-Charles Minier, inno TSD. Le journal des entreprises (édition Côtes d’Armor), February 2020. (French)






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