Experimentation of the Eldom solution in the NHS Western Isles in Scotland

The WP2 is an important aspect of the IT4Anxiety project. It aims in particular to allow in situ experiments of innovative solutions in mental health developed by startups. It is in this context that the French startup Eldom went to Scotland to review the installation of photoluminescence kits in 6 Care Homes located on the islands of Uist, Lewis and Harris. This experiment was made possible by IT4Anxiety's NHS partner and Marion Mac Innes network. Elouan Le Gouge, Eldom’s co-founder, was also accompanied by Vinciane de Moffarts (CNP Saint-Martin, Belgium) and Jean-Charles Minier (GAC Group, France). The first results of the experimentation revealed an improvement of the general state of the residents equipped with the Eldom solution but also a clear reduction of their anxiety. Another positive effect mentioned by the health professionals is the improvement in autonomy at night. The final results of this experiment will be known in May 2022.

Mrs MacUsbic, resident from the Leverburgh care home provided a very nice testimonial on the use of the ELDOM solution ! View the testimonial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtL4-KU6uZ8

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