ELDOM's innovation is coming to Scotland !

In the framework of the IT4Anxiety project, we offer to the start-ups the possibility to test and validate their solutions in “real-life” conditions. The first start-up to test its solution is ELDOM!

ELDOM’s photoluminescence device to reduce patients’ night anxiety has been placed in 3 care homes in Scotland thanks to our partner NHS Western Isles. Moreover, the ELDOM demo kit will be displayed to the local healthcare professionals, healthcare providers and students.

Last week, Marion Macinnes, project partner from NHS has been doing a little tour of Scotland to deliver and install the ELDOM kits in the different care homes. The first two kits have been installed at the Bethesda care home in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. Another kit has been set in the Leverburgh care home, 55 miles away from Stornoway. Two more kits have been placed at the Trianaid care home in Isle of North Uist.

Healthcare providers at the care home are welcoming this new solution and have high hopes. Indeed, at the Trianaid care home, Donna MacLeod, social care worker responsible for falls prevention said, “I’m looking forward to seeing how this project develops and hopefully it will help towards making sure our elderly generation are healthy and safe”.

First feedback from the healthcare providers and residents are very promising!

What a wonderful idea and even better that it saves on electricity as I worry about the cost of electricity. I am all for progress and happy to take part in this as there is a purpose”, Resident at the Leverburgh care home

It has been wonderful to see how our clients have embraced this innovative research. Our oldest participant being 91 but still excited about being part of a study that could potentially enhance other older people’s lives”, Marina MacLeod, Senior social care worker

Moreover, Marion Macinnes reported that they had lots of fun and laughter meeting and installing the ELDOM kits. Family gave feedback that they were happy that their relative was involved in the project.

On 8 and 9 March 2022, Elouan Le Gouge, co-founder of Eldom, Jean-Charles Minier (G.A.C. Group) and Vinciane de Moffarts (CNP Saint-Martin), all three partners of IT4Anxiety, will be in Scotland to follow the implementation of the clinical study related to the installation of the photoluminescence kits.

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