Anxiety, technology and you !

Our training has found its name: Anxiety, technology and you!

The IT4Anxiety project team has chosen Moodle as its e-learning platform, a support system well known for its multiple functionalities and intuitive access.

This training, which is part of the continuing education process, will be for all healthcare professionals.

The objective is to give them the keys to be part of the evolution of care and to integrate the notions of technology in the care services, in addition to the traditional ones. Moreover, the training is clinical and based on the care relationship. It also informs about anxiety and its bio-psycho-social impact.

In order to increase the quality and scope of this training, the Haute Ecole de la Province de Namur has recently reinforced its staff. The project team has been enriched by two psychologists with multiple assets and passionate about scientific popularisation. One is finishing her PhD in technology for clinical purposes and the other is also a documentarian, trained in computer graphics. These new resources will help make the training accessible, dynamic and engaging.

The emphasis is put on visuals, originality and experience sharing. The animation of a family experiencing anxiety and Alzheimer will allow everyone to identify themselves with them as well as to integrate the impacts of anxiety and to benefit from it for their own practices.

Finally, to feed this training with field experience, the training modules will be illustrated by interviews with experts from various backgrounds.

These experts will explain how they perceive anxiety and will provide their opinion on the use of technologies in the health sector.

If you have an opinion to give or an experience to share, we would be happy to add your stone to the construction of this training module.

Contact us by email and we will organise a short meeting to include your participation! or

This project is a great opportunity to bring together people looking to improve health care.

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