A look back to the hackathon in Namur !

The CNP Saint-Martin, NEW asbl, the BEP, and the KIKK organized IT4Anxiety’s fourth Hackathon at the TRAKK, a creative hub in Namur. The 54 hours event was held on 20-22 April 2022 and was filled with the creative energy of participants who were eager to learn, innovate and co-create with the aim of developing innovative solutions in mental health.

In a place promoting creativity, coaching and methodology were provided to the teams of participants. The program was punctuated by various activities, such as laughter yoga, in order to give participants an incredible experience!

This event was an opportunity to live an amazing experience of a Hackathon that allowed participants to:

  • discover all the stages of project development and innovative tools
  • make rewarding encounters with professionals in the sector
  • practice hackathon pitches
  • learn how to carry out a group project
  • be supervised by BEP coaches
  • challenge themselves.


After the 54 hours of co-creation, the "Pré-Par-Toi" team won the hackathon organized in Namur as part of the IT4Anxiety project. The winning project aims to facilitate access to information for people experiencing ill-being and who are wondering whether or not they should consult. The idea is to offer the simplest possible website, with the fewest clicks necessary to obtain information. Thus, on the home page, the person would declare a few symptoms formulated in everyday language. Based on these statements, they will access videos. The videos will be co-produced with experts.

What caught the attention of the jury was the emphasis on experiential knowledge well as the possibility of working in a network with patient associations, with an empowerment perspective.

The second prize went to the "Mind Defender" team, composed of two members of BeCode.org and two members of an association called FILAO. The project consists of artificial intelligence that will filter bad news on all devices and all websites. Thus, unwanted anxiety-provoking articles will be blocked on social networks, and the person will on the other hand see more articles in which they have an interest.

In the third position, the “Coup de Coeur” of the Jury prize went to “Moodraw”. This project offers follow-up of patients suffering from anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders via mood drawings. The purpose of “MoodDraw” application is to make the link between the patient and the therapist, as part of the management of anxiety disorders, from the emotions felt by the patient as well as his mood. The application will allow regular monitoring as well as a way for patients to be active in their own care.

The winning "Pré-par-toi" and "Mind Defender" teams will benefit from full supervision by BEP coaches at the TRAKK and the "Moodraw" team will also receive supervision from the company "1Point61 – Industrial Design Agency", tenant of the TRAKK and member of the jury.


Some interesting quotes from participants:

Gaetan teacher-researcher at HELMo ESAS, member of the “Pré-par-toi” team: “Let’s continue to strengthen user participation, it’s interesting to see projects serving others”.

Spyros, participant: “During this hackathon, I realized that you can achieve very big things very quickly when you put together a team with different talents and common goals”.

Manon, member of “Mind defender”: “We are three visually impaired people and what struck me the most during this hackathon was inclusion. Turning deficiency into efficiency».


IT4Anxiety’s fourth Hackathon in Namur was a great success. Congratulations again to the winning teams as well as to all the participants!

We are looking forward to discovering our next Hackathon in Scotland on the 22nd and 23rd of June 2022 !  Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter so you will not miss any information about the project.


The aftermovie of IT4Anxiety’s 4th Hackathon in Namur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xhftf3e-OIc

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