News and Feedback from the pilot project in Paris 15th, France

News and Feedback from the pilot project in Paris 15th

In Paris, in the 15th district, the Association de préfiguration Régie de Quartier Vaugirard, has established a partnership with the Association Nature Urbaine and Peas & Love, in order to use their green spaces to implement their educational methods in the field.

It all started with a set of three workshops that allowed us to meet young people, mediate and present the IMAGINE project. To date, we are 13 young people recruited on the IMAGINE experience.

Since then, we have established different times between ou association where are the integration training and the agricultural spaces, and by alternating the presence of each on each different plot.

We were confined from March 17th, 2020, we had to compose with the difficulties related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have redoubled the quality of our support so as not to lose the confidence and loyalty of the young people who are committed. Concretely, we agreed at their own schedule with tele-training and videoconferencing. For the practice, they had access to the sites to follow the evolution of their production. This is done alternately so as to respect the sanitary measures in force then. Finally, we tend to gradually come to the initial harmony, by regulating everyone's schedules.

Since May 11th, 2020, we have been retaliating against all of our face-to-face activities.



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