News and feedback from the pilot project in Namur

IMAGINE goes into pilot phase

The IMAGINE program entered its pilot phase a few months ago. As a reminder, the program has 3 different social incubation models applied in 6 pilots :

  1. A social governance model applied by Surrey County Council (UK) and Régie de quartier du 15ème arrondissement de Paris (FR).
  2. A social enterprise model applied by Duurzame Kost Urban Farm (NL) and Lycée Technique Agricole d'Ettelbruck (LU).
  3. A social land management model applied by Moussy-le-Neuf (FR) and in Namur (BE).

In the coming weeks, we will present each of these models, give you some news from the field, and explain working methodologies applied.

First feedback on the pilot test taking place in Namur, Belgium

In Namur, the BEP, the Paysans-Artisans cooperative, the FOREM and the CPAS of Namur are working together to offer young people quality training in production as well as in processing and sales in short circuit.

The pilot started on 15 January 2020 and four young people are currently being trained with Paysans-Artisans producers.

The Covid-19 crisis has not directly impacted the training, which was able to continue. Nevertheless, problems in terms of recruitment and mobility have arisen. On the one hand, at the beginning of the lockdown, it was no longer possible to interview young people in person, which reduced the number of candidates for training. On the other hand, public transport, on which young people depend heavily for their travel, were not always reliable. Therefore, the Walloon partnership has provided the trainees with folding and electric bicycles, enabling them to reach their training sites more easily.

Fortunately, everything is gradually returning back to normal these last weeks and other young people are eager to join the adventure.


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