Kick-off meeting in Surrey

 First meeting in Surrey

The first partner meeting was held on March 27 and 28 in Surrey, at the High Ashurst Outdoor Education Centre, a wide-open space for learning and self-discovery in a natural environment. The location was particularly relevant for the objective of transmitting the "co-production" methodology.

A new methodology to improve NEET's integration

Here are the main principles:

    • Recognising people as assets.
    • Building on people's capabilities.
    • Developing two-way, reciprocal relationships.
    • Encouraging peer support.
    • Blurring boundaries between delivering and receiving services.
    • Facilitating rather than delivering.

The Surrey County Council has been successfully using this methodology for 10 years. The objective is to share it with project partners, so they can apply it in their national/regional context throughout the duration of project.



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