What a difference a week makes

After a short delay, work resumed on the pilot site in northern France. 

The equipment was delivered to the site during the previous week. Installation of the Solar Thermal equipment began on Tuesday 18th May.  On Wednesday, the installer fixed the metal support frames to the concrete base and on Thursday the solar chassis was fixed to the ground.

Timelapse Video

A complete list of the works completed this week 

  • construction of the technical room housing the connections of water networks, electrical networks and instrumentation.
  • fixing of a white metal sheet on the two concrete slabs (only under the STE panels. The rest of the slabs will be covered with sheets after)- assembly of metal structures of solar units
  • fixing the chassis to the ground
  • mounting of solar water heater
  • mounting of 480 solar tube
  • hydraulic connections between the solar water heaters
  • hydraulic connections to the technical room
  • electrical connections

Next week, the works will include priming the system, checking for leaks, and conducting the first pilot tests. UBS will begin the installation and connection of metrology devices to monitor weather conditions on the site

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