Scientific paper on solar thermal published by UBS

A scientific paper titled "Modelling of “Water-in-glass” Solar Water Heaters Installation" written by Julien Gambade, Hervé Noël, Patrick Glouanne1 and Anthony Magueresse from the University of South Brittany has been published online by IOP Publishing Ltd. The paper is open source and is available for free. Content from the work may be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.

PhD student Julien Gambade presented this paper at the 7th International Conference on Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering (ICSREE 2022) which was held online during May 5-7, 2022. 



As part of the ICaRE4Farms European project, a model of a solar water heater installation has been developed. This model is intended to estimate thermal performance of a specific arrangement of several "Water-in-Glass" solar collectors. In this solar field, the WiG collectors are arranged either in serial or in parallel, thus requiring the creation of two models. In this paper, the serial Evacuated Tubes collector's model is presented. The operational efficiency of a single in-series solar collector is expressed through a second-order expression in accordance with the ISO 9806-1. Its coefficients have been determined thanks to an optimization tool in order to compute thermal performance with reliability. In-situ data from a working installation were compared to simulated values. Two experimental sequences are presented: in May and in September 2021. Results showed that the model is reliable in terms of both collectors' temperature and energy balance.


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