Hot milk for calves thanks to the sun

Yes ! magazine which is published by la Ruche qui dit Oui ! (The beehive that says Yes) recently featured an interview with Mr. Dutertre in the Mayenne region of France about his solar thermal energy plant that was installed by project partner FengTech. 

During the Innov'Action week in May 2022, Mr Dutertre's farm was one of several farms in NW France which opened its doors to other farmers thinking of installing renewable energies on farms. 

To feed his calves, Mr Dutertre needs lots of hot water. For the powder to mix properly, the water must be heated to between 65 and 70°C, which accounts for 70% of the farm's energy consumption. 

Read the full story at the link below.

In winter, the water only rises to 30 to 40°C and you still have to top up with a little gas. But between April and October I am completely independent. Jérôme Dutertre

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