This video was created through a collaboration between AGRObjectif, AC3A and the partners of European project ICaRE4Farms Solar thermal energy is innovative and renewable and can easily be implemented on our farms.


It is a technology which does not actually produce electricity, instead, it produces hot water which can be consumed directly on site. This solution saves energy and costs, and it contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The ICaRE4Farms project is testing the efficiency of a new generation solar thermal system, which is efficient in northern Europe. In winter, on a cold day even with heavy cloud cover, the water temperature increases thanks to diffuse solar radiation, and in summer it can even reach 100 degrees!


The project has set up its French pilot site on Mr. Vaucelle's farm in northern Sarthe, he uses a lot of hot water on a daily basis to feed his animals. Hot water can also be used to heat agricultural buildings, greenhouses and biodigesters. Through this video, you can explore his farm, discover the Fengtech technology, and the ICaRE4Farms project which will test, analyse and model energy performance.


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