Call for equipment suppliers

The IcaRE4Farms project aims to raise awareness of solar Thermal Energy (STE) in the North-West Europe region. Solar thermal energy is a renewable energy that uses sunlight to heat water. The project aims to increase use of STE in the agricultural industry across 4 agricultural sectors that require hot water to feed livestock (calves) and heat farm buildings (poultry, pigs) and greenhouses (horticulture). It may be possible to use STE in the production of milk and cheese.

In the NWE region, STE only provides 1.1% of total energy consumption and 0.25% of that in agriculture, due to the low efficiency of current systems in areas with low solar irradiance.

Feng Technologies SAS (Fengtech) are seeking expressions for interest from suppliers to provide suitable equipment that Fengtech will assemble to build 78 solar thermal collectors, regulators, protection valve (pressure and temperature) and connections between solar storage tanks that will be located on 4 sites in France, Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK up to June 2022.

The closing date for submission of tenders is midnight (Paris Time) October 15 2020.

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